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About Sequim Lavender Farms


Lavender farming has blossomed into working, loving relationships between multiple lavender farms, located in the scenic Sequim Valley of northwestern Washington State. Aspiring to provide the highest quality lavender and lavender products in a beautiful, welcoming environment, while building partnerships which benefit our community are mutual goals on which our partnerships are grounded.

Five acre Sequim Lavender Farm was established in 1998 when Gail's father, residing in Alaska, asked her to find him a future retirement property in Sequim. It was her father who read about lavender, suggested Gail grow it, and Sequim Lavender Farm became a family farming partnership between Gail, her Mom and Dad. Gail's two teenage daughters are also integral, skilled helpers on the farm, as Gail believed it important "to teach my girls how to work instead of giving them things. I feel it is keeping them closer to our family instead of disconnected like a lot of kids we know."

Sequim Lavender Farms share their commitment to growing lavender naturally, without pesticides, herbicides, or non-organic fertilizers. Weeds are controlled by weed barrier cloth and by old fashioned hand picking. Our customers through the years have told us time and again how exceptionally beautiful and aromatic is our lavender, a great source of pride and satisfaction for us.
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